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Off-On project – lighting up lives
The OFF-ON project was developed between Wieden Kennedy, a global advertising firm and Pell Frischmann. Rewati Prabhu, Director FPI, explains - “ It is a simple case of saving energy in one part of the world and using the savings to light up another part of the world, where it is desperately needed”
“UK businesses waste £ 7 million each day on energy while 2/3rd of the world doesn’t have enough. WK and PF decided to take the first step by “Turning Off” at the WK offices in London, and using the savings towards solar lighting for the Cheryl’s Children Home in Nairobi. So we turn WK lights off and Children’s home lights on; WK computers Off, Children’s Home Kitchen On! PF designed an innovative system to monitor energy usage, energy savings and translate it into actual monetary savings. This project has used simple yet powerful strategies in changing wasteful behaviours in corporate London for the betterment of impoverished children in Kenya. Together WK and PF have delivered a unique solution that is likely to be rolled out in other corporate offices.
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