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  Cultural Award for Gulf States Building Awards, 2008
A' Samaliyah, an island, 12 km to the north of Abu Dhabi, has been designated a heritage island. The project to develop the heritage island was taken up by H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Subsequently, a team from Pell Frischmann Group, headed by Mr. Tushar Prabhu, undertook a variety of cultural, historical and environmental studies and the village was designed as a peaceful center of worship that would allow people of all cultures and ages to discover how their ancestors once lived. The project team made particular efforts to source authentic architectural styles and materials, and incorporated many traditional ventilation and passive shading methods that have achieved sustainability. This ambitious sustainable development project combines traditional Arab construction techniques with expert structural engineering. Unlike any other Gulf project on this scale, the A' Samaliyah project creates a recreational and educational destination fulfilling the highest possible environmental standards. In appreciation of this excellent work, the Gulf States Building Awards, 2008 has recognized the A' Samaliayah Island Project as the winner in the cultural awards section
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