Water and Wastewater

Water & Wastewater is the most important sector environment. We have done very extensive & innovative works for National and International clients. Our expertise in Water, Wastewater & Storm Water Drainage sectors includes the Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, DPR, Tendering and Project Management Consultants of water supply, treatment and distribution schemes, sewage collection, sewer interception, sewage treatment and disposal schemes including sea outfalls. We have also worked on water metering, leak detection, billing and tariff studies and operate internationally on projects of global significance.

Mithi River: Detail Project Report to Curb Pollution Load of Mithi River, Mumbai, India


The Mithi River runs 17.8 kilometers through densely populated residential and industrial areas. The river is polluted due to number of sewage outfalls ingresses the dry weather flow into the river. This project is included interception of dry weather flows from river, transfer & treat in Sewage Treatment Plant.

The project has the following main components:

Short Terms Work Package

  • Construction of 8 MLD STP along with sewer network, pumping station at the MCGM owned WSP site located in the upper reaches of the Mithi River.

Long Term Work Package

  • Major nalla interception in the non-tidal zones and tidal zones.
  • A strategic large diameter tunnel to transfer flows to a new sewage treatment facility.


  • To carry out various surveys, prepare a feasibility study, detailed project report and tender documents for the implementation of a project to curb the pollution of the Mithi River and to beautify parts of the river landscape.

Powai Lake Rejuvenation: Stopping of Sewage Ingress and Beautification of Lake, Mumbai, India


This Project included stopping the ingress of sewage into the Powai lake, landscaping and other allied works to enhance the beauty of the lake area. Investigation drainage systems and identifying contamination of storm water system due to cross connections from sewers. Beautification of the lake featuring various ideas, themes, concepts to attract people to enjoy lakefront. Sewage Ingress Proposals i.e., sewer interceptions have been suggested to the client. Also long term development to develop Park, Garden, Promenade areas, Food Joints, Sanitation Facilities & Children’s Play Area. Management of water Hyacinth and improving Dissolved Oxygen Level in Lake.


  • Field Surveys, GIS & EIA
  • Feasibility Study & Detailed Project Report for stopping sewage ingress
  • Concept Development for beautification of promenade areas
  • Tender Documentation & Evaluation of Tenders
  • Project Management Consultancy

Waste Water Treatment: Wastewater Treatment Plants for Bhandup WwTF & Ghatkopar WwTF, India


Bhandup: The project consists of construction of new Bhandup WwTF of 215 MLD by demolishing existing WwTF. This is being done in view of new proposed stringent effluent discharge standards for STPs.

Ghatkopar: The project consists of construction of new Ghatkopar WwTF of 337 MLD WwTF by demolishing existing WwTF. This is being done in view of new proposed stringent effluent discharge standards for STPs.


  • To review & modify the bid documents of the Design, Build, Operate (DBO) tender for the work of WwTF involving sewage treatment plant (including tertiary), sludge treatment (Class A), power generation & sludge disposal in environment friendly manner.
  • To evaluate / finalize bids received and submit the bid evaluation report with a recommendation for award of the work.

Sewage Pumping Stations at Vallabh Nagar (232MLD) and Chinchpokali (24 MLD), Mumbai, India


The capacity of existing Vallabh Nagar pumping station was insufficient to handle future flows by the year 2025. The existing pumping station was to be replaced by constructing new pumping facility, including the hydraulic capacity of Inlet & Screen Chambers, Inlet sewer, Outlet Channel and Balancing Chamber. After successful commissioning, the existing facilities to be demolished for future road widening. Chinchpokali Pumping Station outlived its design life; hence to be demolished and replaced by a new pumping station.


  • PMC for complete Civil, Mechanical & EICA scope
  • Contract Management
  • Design and Drawing vetting for construction
  • Vendor drawing review, construction supervision
  • Approving O&M Manual and ‘As Built’ drawings
  • O&M Supervision, Defect Liability Period etc.

National River Conservation Plan-Mula Mutha River: Pollution Abatement of River, Pune, India


The major components proposed under the project include construction of 11 new Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), resulting in a creation of an additional treatment capacity of 396 MLD over the existing treatment capacity of 477 MLD, laying of 113.6 kms of sewer lines and rehabilitation of four existing Intermediate Pumping Stations, Community Toilets, GIS/ MIS, Central SCADA, Public participation, Capacity Building and Environmental Management


  • Project Management
  • Assessment of DPR
  • Detailed Design of Sewer Systems
  • Basic Design of STPs and IPSs
  • Tender Preparation and Management
  • Review of Contractor Designs
  • Facilitation of Implementation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Capacity Development for PMC
  • Development of Recycle and Reuse of Treated Water
  • Strengthen Public Awareness

Mid-Western Iraq Water Supply Project: Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works


The project is located in Iraq. The project comprises of three packages for three Governorates (States) i.e. Haditha, Baji & Salamiya. The project is aimed at providing for the provision of water supply scheme for the three states in Iraq. The project consists of construction of new facilities to increase the production and transmission of treated water via transmission and distribution networks in Haditha, Baji & Salamiya states

The project required assessment of existing and future demands until the Year 2037.


  • Detail Design – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural
  • Intake Structures, 3 nos of Water Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations.

Services We control

  • Feasibility
  • Physical Surveys
  • Economic Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Cost Estimation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • BOT Appraisal
  • Technical Audit
  • Technology Transfer
  • Master Planning
  • Transport Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Landscape Design
  • GIS
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
Project Management
  • Contract Documentation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Proof Checking
  • Value Engineering
  • Lender's Independent Engineer
  • Quality Assurance & Controls
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning and O&M
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Social Monitoring
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Highways
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Water
  • Geotechnical
  • Building Services
  • Traffic
  • Telecommunications
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Chemical
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